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Slippage = vomit?

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I hear people say, "you'll be vomiting a lot".

What does this really mean?

If I don't drink enough water, or eat too fast, or eat a bite of dense bread, clear liquid backs up into my throat. It feels like terrible terrible bad indigestion like my stomach is going to explode unless I get it up, or walk around for a bit till it goes down. But its ALWAYS been that way.

This has gotten worse since the last fill, (Oct 23rd) BUT! I've already lost 15 lbs.

Or is slippage vomiting referring to the type of vomiting from a sick stomach, like nausea?

Its kind of sad that I now have different meanings for the word "vomiting".

What's the deal, camile?

You guys are awesome, by the way.

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A slippage can cause vomiting but vomiting does not mean you have a slippage. You'll have to learn what causes you to get sick and avoid those foods and habits. From your post I can advise you to start by drinking plenty of water, eating slowly, and avoiding breads.

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