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Help! My port hurts!

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I got my surgery over a year ago, and recently, my port has been hurting, and i have a lot of tissue stiffness around my port. Recently, The pain has been going up to my left breast. I am scared. I live in NM, and got my surgery in AZ. I am scared to go to an ER here, because they know nothing about the Lap Band here. My doctor here said she didn't know what to look for. I am trying to make an appointment in AZ this week. Has anybody has similiar experiances?

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><' Hi: I had my band since May 2005 and it hurts from time to time. The surgeon said it will get a "charlie horse" like pain from time to time. I found by stretching the left arm up and over my head, that's helps. Liquid Tylenol is great. Warm showers and baths help, too.

I'm not sure what to tell you about the rest of the pain, accept it may be refective pain. Also, if I wear slacks that have a firm or tight waistband, the port will hurt.

Hang in there, everyone is different. I would try to find a Lap Band specialist in your area.

Take care, Lynn

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