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YAY !!!

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Hey, Hannah, good luck! My husband and I are going in for our first fills on Thursday. Are you going down to the clinic or getting it done nearer home?

i am going to the clinic ... we dont live that far so im just gonna go bak there!!! are you guys going near home i remeber you guys live a lil bit futher than we do well congrats for you first fill... how have you been doing since ur surgery and how is ur husband???

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We drove over today from Phoenix and will spend a few days in San Diego while we get our fills at OCC. Then we are driving up to see our daughter in Washington. She was banded last October (a year earlier than us) and has lost 111 lb so far. It will be great to see her. We are both doing fine except like everybody else, our weight loss slowed down this month. I think I lost about 4 lb during November, and the only reason I lost that is because we keep practically no food around the house. My husband has lost more than me, but Dr Ortiz told me that would happen. Hope the fills work to help get us through the holidays without gaining anything back.

Have a good trip down to TJ tomorrow!

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