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How many calories ?

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I was wondering if anyone had a recommendaiton on how many calories one should be aiming to take iin 4 weeks post op.

I found for the past 4 weeks I was not hungry and now it feels like I can eat a lot....but I do not want to over eat and I want to make sure I dont take in to many calories.

How much should I eat in one sitting 1/2 cup? 1 cup of food?

I am starting to feel full at a cup not 1/2 cup? but I am worried that I may be eating to much and strech my pounch? Is that possible?

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Don't worry about the 1/2 cup of food thing, especially since your band is empty. 90% of the time I've been banded, I've been able to eat more than 1/2 cup per sitting. As long as you don't consistently eat past the point you are full you shouldn't stretch your pouch.

You're actually asking two different questions - calories and quantities. You can eat 2,000 calories worth of milkshake and that will be a much smaller quantity than 2,000 calories of lettuce and they will both affect your stomach differently. Adjust your caloric intake based on the amount of weight you lose. 1,200 calories per day seems to be the standard and is a good place to start. If you aren't losing any weight you can cut that down until you do. Just be vigilant that you are taking enough calories in to support you through the day without getting sick. Be aware also if you start losing too much weight. If I lose 5 or more pounds a week I start to feel ill, so if I go down 4 pounds in a week I'll add calories to control it.

A very important thing to keep in mind is that your band has nothing in it yet, so it's not going to do you much good until your fill. You're also coming off a pretty serious crash diet, so your body is going to compensate when you get back on solids by holding on to every calorie. I suggest you not worry about your weight until your first fill, as most people gain weight and get VERY frustrated during this period.

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