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still hungry!

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I had my surgery on Nov 20th, Lost 12 lbs the first week and half while on liquids, as soon as I got back on solids I just stopped losing. I got my first fill about 2 week ago and I still eat pretty much normal. Also I have tried not drinking while I am eating but I do not get full at all until I drink something, and I was that way before the band to. I can eat anything with no problems, drink anything, and eat as much as I like without getting sick.. I dont know how that is possible.. Also what does PB stand for??

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Give it some time, stop drinking with your meals, and try to eat more fiberous foods which will not move past the band as easily. Some people do have to rely partly on willpower for awhile. If after a couple of weeks you can still eat anything then you may need another fill, especially if you have the VG band.

PB mean productive burping, and it happens when something gets stuck above the band and has nowhere else to go but back up. It's not really throwing up since the food never really makes it into the stomach.

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