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shame on me!!!

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I have been very good- shake for breakfast, one for lunch, and lean dinner-

I dont know what I was thinking but tonight I ate TWO dinners! (a lean pocket and a smart ones)

I am on day 6 of pre-op diet- banding on the 15th...

how bad is this slip?

I dont think my liver should get slimy and swell up from one extra smart ones but it is exactly this kind of rationalization that got me fat...


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You have got to stick with the diet. I know it is hard, I had the same cravings. I had to fight myself and tell myself that if I could not control myself now, what would happen if I did that with the band on. You just have to think through it and remember that even though it may be tough, the payoff is incredible.

Make sure you eat little bites and chew each bite 30 times. This is a good time to begin preparing for what eating is going to be like with the band. It also fills you up more.

Just thought I would throw this in there. My favorite Lean Cuisines are the salsbury steak and mac-n-cheese as well as the swedish meatballs. I was really surprised at how well they actually taste.

Hang in there. It is tough, but keep thinking of what you are trying to accomplish and where you want to be.

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