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LOVING MY BAND!!! (read about my journey and see pictures!)

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HELLO!! :-h

I haven't been on in a while! Just wanted to say that it's been 5 months since my surgery with OCC, and I'm sooooo happy!! I've lost over 40 lbs, have 30 more to go. I'm eating healthier, feeling better, looking better, and want to encourage anyone out there who's not sure about getting the Lap Band, or going to Dr. Ortiz in Tijuana, that it's sooooooo worth it!!! GO!! DO IT!! :D And anyone having an upcoming surgery or a recent one, congrats!!! =D>

You can see my rapid transformation and read about my journey here http://www.obesityhelp.com/member/hotzzzzzing

Hugs to all!!!!!xoxo ><img src=<' />


Starting weight: 7/01/2007 235 lbs 33.7 BMI

Surgery weight: 8/13/2007 224 lbs 32.1 BMI

Current weight: 1/5/2008 185 lbs 26.4 BMI

Goal weight: 5/1/2008 159 lbs 22.8 BMI

1st fill: 10/11/07 1.75 cc

Starting size: 16, or very tight 14, 1x, XLarge

Current size: 10, Large (yay! Met my goal size!! Now need to tone up!!)

Goal size: 10, Large


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you look absolutely beautiful!! if you never lose another pound you will still look perfect at this height and weight!



Thank you very much!!!!!!!! :-h

I appreciate what you said because I'm actually OK with my weight right now!! I'm not obsessing about it every second of everyday, and it's so liberating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have some "banded" and other WLS friends who just obsess and obsess about their weight and they never seem happy no matter how much they've lost!!!

Now my goal is to REALLY start exercising and firm up!!!

hugs! ><'


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