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Anyone else pregnant/had a baby with the band??

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Hi there,

I am now 7.5 months pregnant and had a total unfill a while back. Everything's been fine, etc.. though with my stomach growing wildly my port has kind of stuck out. I am trying to determine how soon after my baby is born I can get down for a fill? I am not breastfeeding so I don't need to watch my caloric intake for that postpartum.

My OB doc is great but has no band experience/knowledge really. Anyone else done this????



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Karen, I'm not pregnant but hope to be at the end of the year. When in your pregnancy did you get an unfill? Also, was it at the OCC? I have one child right now and want to wait until I lose weight to have another. I have researched the band and pregnancy and there is not a whole lot out there. How has your pregnancy been with the band (other than the port sticking out?) I ended up gaining like 60-70 pounds when I was prego with the first and I'm scared to get pregnant with the second after so much hard work to lose the weight. I'm hoping the band (even if unfilled) will assist in not gaining so much the next time around.

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I know it is not the band, but when we shot the Oprah Show, one of the ladies in the Limo with us who had gastric said she did just fine with her pregnancy. She said she was loosing weight with her preg because she got preg. soon after her surger. But she said everything went fine. Also not that Cassie has lost 80 pounds her port sits close to the top of the skin. Her fat layer is gone and Dr. Ortiz said this is normal. Hope this helps ease some worries.

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