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Fills In Oregon

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Don't know what part of Oregon your in, but I just checked with the Bariatric doctors in Coos Bay and they said yes they would do fills for other patients. I didn't however ask the price.


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Im getting the surgery on feb 28th by ortiz, does any one know of a dr in Oregon that will do fills?


I am in Portland and I get my fills from Dr. Kelly Fitzpatrick in Milwaukee. She also has an office in Eugene. She charges $185 for the first fill and $170 after that. Her website is www.gastricbands.com .

When she is in Portland, she is usually only here for Fri. and Sat. appts. I have my second fill scheduled for Sat. the 9th of Feb. She is great, but doesn't have flouro yet. My first experience was great! I got my fill standing up with no problems at all. You can read up about her on the website.

Good luck!


p.s. I REALLY want to go back to TJ and have a fill some day...hopefully this year. ;)

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