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Calling All OHIOANS!!!

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Hey all - I've read some of the posts here, but haven't posted before. I'm trying to help spread the word that there will be an Ohio get together on October 9th - here's the details:

Just wanted to remind ya'all - there's an OHIO BANDSTER BASH on October 9th. I'll venture to say that anyone else in the area is welcome to come!!

There's a small registration fee - we're building a kitty for future events, all this time is being done out of pocket.

If anyone is interested please respond and I'll send you registration information

The more the merrier - and anyone in the neighboring states will be welcome to come!


October 9, 2004 2pm

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I am new to the postings. I am in Columbus, Ohio and I just figured out that Dec. 1 was going to work out to be banded by Dr. Ortiz. I went back and forth. How did you decide? I have made all the arrangements and bought our tickets to San Diego today. I have been a wreck. Scared and anxious. I will try to join you in one of your get togethers in the future. Keep in touch!! Debby

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