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Sneezing and the band...weird

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Well, I have another question about weird stuff that goes on since my banding last year. You would think I would be used to all it's quirks and such since having it for this long...lol

I have been sneezing a few times in the last few days and every time I do, shortly after I hiccup and/or feel like I have to burp, but nothing happens. Kinda scary? OR is it just another quirk. I am hoping I am not hurting the band or moving it or whatever. My band and I plan to spend the rest of our lives together, so it better behave and I am forever trying to keep it that way. ;)

What are your thoughts?



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Is it possible that when you sneeze you're swallowing a bit of air? Just a thought. Unless you're feeling pain or nausea I doubt you're hurting anything.

Thanks Clynn. Figured it was something like that, but haven't had any pain, just some pressure like instantly feeling kinda full like I just ate or something and that explains the pressure of needing to burp, but not an intense feeling, just that airbubble kind. ;)

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