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surgery march 11th, paid and faxed paper work

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hi all,

I posted a few days ago about surgery on the 20th..well not realizing that was the week of Easter I was lucky enough to get an earlier date for the 11th. I got plane tickets through southwest...I found a great deal...and will fax my paperwork today or tomorrow at the latest. Talked to dr miranda yesterday and got squared away on the preop diet..she is also going to help me get metformin in mexico since we don't have insurance that covers it here..I have pcos and she said this will really help me with weight loss. I really feel like God has lead me down this path. I feel blessed and undeserving of this awesome gift. All of your posts are so helpful and I want to thank you for your willingness to share.

I will keep you all posted and am so excited!


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I am so excited for you. I am scheduled for March 19, and am just about excited to death. I will be anxious to here how the experience was for you.

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