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Many people find they can no longer eat certain foods. The most common problem foods are bread and past, but you'll have to learn through trial and error what works for you. Carbonated beverages are forbidden until at least six months after surgery. Even then, it's not particularly pleasant.

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After I heal from the surgery, will I be very limited on the foods I can eat. So far in reading the postings, many have problems with bread, bananas, nuts, apples, carbonated beverages.

Hi dmee,

Yes, depending on how much restriction you have and everyone is different, those foods including some others may be difficult. However, cabonated beverages are not allowed until at least 6 months post surgery. That is what Dr. Miranda told me, but some have tried sooner. I quit soda and and any carbonated drinks since my pre-op and dropped weight quick. I have never touched another carbonated beverage since and probably never will because I feel it would hurt my pouch(expanding), and probably slow my weight loss too.

Hope this helps you.



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