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Not loosing weight

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I had surgery Dec. 5th and initially dropped 11 pounds. I have had 1 fill only. I have not dropped anymore weight. I know my problem is portion control and sugary drinks, but I do admit that I am eating less than I use to, however I have not dropped any more weight.

I have made an appt. for another fill maybe my stomach is still to large?

any help of comment.


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While I'm not as experienced as Cynn, what she says certainly makes sense.

I was banded under 2 weeks ago, and I've already lost 9lbs. I know everyone looses some weight right in the begining, and once back on solids it will be much more challenging. My plan is to drink eight very low caloric drinks or just plain old water. I don't think that is going to be a problem. I think my thing is salty food. I love salty over sweet.

I've always been better at taking care of other people, making sure they are eating right, or offering healthy alternative. This is MY time. It's time for me to love myself as much as I lvoe others and show my body the respect it deserves.

Can I suggest that you might want to hold off on the 2nd fill for a few weeks and cut out those sugary drinks - see what happens. If you really need something sweet, maybe you could try Crystal Light? I'm not sure how many calories are in one drink, but I think it's relatively low AND you'll get your sweet tooth coated. Also, maybe eating your meals off of the salad plate, instead of the dinner plate. OR maybe even spend the next few weeks eating lean cuisine or one of those healthy frozen meals - just to get you back on track.

Good Luck to you, and all of use out there. One day at a time!



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