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Where to go?


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The pro's for Mexico are:

Cheaper if you are self-pay; usually about half the cost

More experienced surgeons

The cons are:

Surgeon may be further away in the event of complications or need for checkup

Follow up care and fills may be more difficult to find in your local area. This varies from place to place; some areas have fill clinics or doctors who will take Mexico patients, and some don't

As far as I can tell, and I read a lot on this forum and on others, competence and incompetence is not limited to either Mexico or the US. Neither is cleanliness. My daughter, husband and I all had our surgery with Dr Ortiz even though my husband and I had insurance that would have paid for it in the States. We felt, after seeing him with my daughter, that his clinic was the best place to go for level of care, ease of access, and surgical experience. However, we live close enough to Tijuana that we can drive there and back in a day, so we go to his clinic for all our fills and all our dental work. You need to pick your surgeon carefully whether in the US or in Mexico. I have read horror stories from patients on both sides of the border, as well as glowing reports of surgeons and hospitals.

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