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My Experience - Very Detailed

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So here is my experience, it was all pretty wonderful… A little background on me, I first heard about Dr. Ortiz on Oprah and booked my surgery on the same day as the show aired. I was initially booked for surgery on 2/29 (arriving for pre-ops on 2/28) but after reading another bandster’s post about being about to get the surgery on the same day as the pre-op I knew I wanted to do the same thing if possible so I would have more recovery time. So I mentioned in an email to Rene that I would be interested in doing the same thing and he said he thought it would be possible but wouldn’t be sure until I arrived.

Day 1 - Thursday 2/28/08

11:15 am – My husband and I arrived in San Diego with no delays or problems!

11:20 am – We found the driver quite easily, I’m thinking he was a sub-contracted driver because he was picking up the two of us as well as another woman who was there for another dr. not at OCC. We had our bags and were in the van by 11:35.

12:00pm – Arrived at the OCC, we were dropped off in the garage and told to go up to the 2nd floor. Once we were upstairs I gave Claudia the receptionist my name and she gave me some release forms to fill out, a information sheet for the dentist and also took my photo for an ID/restaurant card. She told me that I would be able to have my surgery after my pre-op tests were completed which I was very excited about!!

12:30pm – The first test was with the cardiologist Dr. Jiminez he took my health history (similar questions to the papers we faxed in before surgery) since I didn’t have any pre-existing conditions (no diabetes, no high blood pressure, no GERD) it was quick and painless. Then he asked me to take a breath test into a spirometer to check my lung capacity, you have to take 2 deep breaths then exhale for 6 seconds, my capacity was 97% so again no problems. The next test was for my heart, I was asked to remove my shirt and bra and put on a gown (opening to the front) then a female nurse came and placed the sticker stints on me (one on each shin, one on each wrist, and 4 around my left breast. Then Dr. Jiminez came in the room and hooked up the wires for the heart test, no problems here either so I was able to get dressed and return to the waiting room.

1:00pm – I was called in to meet with the nutritionist Dr. Miranda next, she gave me a packet with post-op diet rules and also showed us a power point slideshow that reiterated some of the more important dietary rules. She then took my height 5’3 ½ which was devastating because I always thought I was 5’4, lol. Then she took me to be weighed and I was 226lbs (which is 2lbs heavier then my home scale) but she was impressed that I had already lost 21pounds on the pre-op diet. Back to the waiting room again!

1:45pm – I had about a 15 min wait before getting in to see the dentist but I had the diet info from Dr. Miranda to review so I hardly noticed. When she called me in she did a 5min check told me what I needed (deep cleaning and a 1 cavity fixed) later I was given a price sheet that told me how much the dental work would be, much cheaper than in the US for sure!

2:00pm – I was told I would be going into the surgery room soon, which actually meant Dr. Romero would take me back to my semi-private room (which consisted of a curtained area with a bed and counter across from the nurse’s station, more on that later) I changed into a oversized gown (ties in the back this time) and some sexy paper underwear, lol there were also some surgical/compression tights that he told me a nurse would help me with later.

2:10pm – A nurse came in with a cart of IV supplies and meds, she first helped me with the tights and while she was administering the IV Dr. Romero returned to explain what the meds were for, not sure if one was a sedative but I fell asleep for about 30 min.

2:45pm – I was awoken by the sound of Dr. Ortiz speaking to the woman on the other side of my curtain (in her semi private room), he was very relatable to her and seemed quite genuine. He then came into my side of the curtain and spoke to my husband and I saying he was going to be doing her surgery first and then I would be next at about 4:00pm, once again I fell asleep (I was up late the night before, or maybe it was the meds but I was tired) other than that 5 min chat I never saw or spoke to Dr. Ortiz again though I imagine if I had asked to speak with him the staff would have made it happen.

3:45pm – My husband woke me up and told me I was going to be going into surgery now, I was kind of groggy but I remember giving him a kiss then being wheeled into the surgery room- it was bright while, very cold (for sterile reasons I’m sure) I do recall speaking to the Anesthesiologist and then I was OUT!

4:45pm – My husband says I was wheeled back into the room asleep, he had asked Claudia at the front desk about getting some food and she gave him a bunch of takeout menus to choose from he had ordered a chicken sandwich so he ate it while I slept.

6:00pm – I was woken up to walk, I had seen a few others walking before my surgery and I was going about 2x the speed, maybe it’s an age thing or maybe I was just happy to be up and about and ok after surgery but I made my 3 laps in about 5min. After getting back into bed the nurse asked me if I would like something I asked for hot tea with 2 splenda, (I later learned that others got broth, popsicles and ice chips) the tea was great, told Dr. Romero how much I liked in and he gave me 6 tea bags to take back to the hotel with me. Back to sleep for about an hour or so woke up and my husband and I played the travel scrabble game I had brought.

8:00pm – My neighbor on the other side of the curtain was asking to go home, she was a nurse and Dr. Romero said she needed to spend the night so they could monitor her for her safety. She reluctantly agreed to stay and her husband went home. About 10 min later Dr. Romero came to my side and asked if I WANTED to go home, I’m not sure if she had some other risk factors that I didn’t (she was a LOUD snorer so maybe she had sleep apnea or something) or maybe because I was able to walk so well and had already used the bathroom and kept liquids down with no problem, I was in the safe zone. My husband and I opted to err on the side of caution and spend the night in the hospital, I was given another pain pill and he went home and I went back to sleep.

More to come!!

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Hey Michelle, how are you feeling? Wanted to thank you and your husband for the help at the pharmacies and let you know it was very nice meeting the two of you! We got home Saturday night about 10, we did all of our chores, found out we lost one calf and one wasn't doing very well while we were gone, so we had to give it some meds that night. Sunday morning, felt pretty good, went and visited mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and my mother, the kids and them were very excited we were home, maybe not my mother-in-law, because we ended up telling her why we went, she is a surgical nurse, she wasn't very impressed at all, but oh well, she will get over it. After visiting, we went grocery shopping, then it hit again, that darn gas pain in my chest, so I came home and off to bed I went. This morning still feeling yecky. I think my main problem is I need to go to the bathroom, I am soo bloated, I tried two Correctols yesterday and took two this morning, still nothing, sorry, was hoping you or another bandster would have some advice. The scale has not moved at all and I find that very hard to believe with what I have been drinking, but I also think it has to do with the bloating, have you lost any sense you got home?

I am thinking about going back to TJ for my first fill in 6 weeks, are you? Also, do you have a Myspace account? If you do, or any other bandster people, here is me: myspace.com/jbarlminiaussies.

So is anyone having the mental hunger? WOW, last night was hard for me, I finally decided to just go to bed so I didn't think about cheeseburgers, pizza rolls, sub sandwiches, milkshakes, and everything else my kids and husband decided they needed to eat yesterday.

Well, I do think I am going to lay down, darn chest pain is getting me again. Talk soon!

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Thanks for sharing. You have calmed my nerves..I can't wait to hear the rest of your story.

Here is my myspace


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I never lose weight when I'm constipated. It's a common result of the anaesthesia, lack of motion, and lack of food. Try to drink a lot of fluids and move around as much as you can. You may find you lose 3 or 4 pounds all at once, once the dam breaks!

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I think my main problem is I need to go to the bathroom, I am soo bloated, I tried two Correctols yesterday and took two this morning, still nothing, sorry, was hoping you or another bandster would have some advice. The scale has not moved at all and I find that very hard to believe with what I have been drinking, but I also think it has to do with the bloating, have you lost any sense you got home?

Hey lisa! I am feeling the same way! I told my husdand, never have I actually WANTED to go to the bathroom like I do now! hahahaha-ONE DAY hahaha. I have lost weight since Ive been home- about 8lbs since my surgery date- so 18 total! I dont want this rapid weight loss to stop! haha - It sucks not being able to chew on things..but the scale is making it worth it! I think that I hit my low on Sunday and I am starting to feel better. If i can quit smoking from being stressed then I can stop eating for comfort- It doesnt get me anywhere anyway but fat! Hope all is well! Let me know how you are doing!


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