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This may sound stupid..BUT

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I was listening to a new LeeAnn Rymes song the other day on her new CD and one of he songs says:

I will learn to forgive what i can not change

I will learn to let go what I can not change

I will learn to love what I can no change

But I will change, whatever I, whenever I can.

I just thought that it was such an "inspiring" statement. We are all starting on or are already on this journey to better ourselves- and there are SOME things that we can not change- and those that we can not, we should accept

- I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day who had the lap band a year or so ago, and she told me that she wakes up every morning and reads this little piece of paper that she wrote- it sounds STUPID but it says

I have the lap band. I have made bad food choices before. Today I am going to commit to making the right choices and learn from my mistakes. I will not use food as an escape.

She said it just remindes her everyday that she really needs to be consious of her band and the food choices she makes..... I think i might make a little phrase and just look at it every morning- or when I really want a cookie or something! :lol: some people smoke then whey are stressed...and some people eat. I have quit smoking and I am determined to quit eating for any other reason other then being hungry!

Hope all is well for everyone! :o)

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