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Ok, Let me have it bandsters! :blink:

Please explain this to me one more time. #-o The weight you lose right after surgery....the time the band heals and losing weight once your on solids....how does that worK????????? When do you see the real weight come off?????

Just help a sista out........... #-o

All bandsters please post! Thank you very much! God Bless You

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I lost 25 lbs just from the liquid diet for preop and postop, and I was concerned about gaining that back since I'm now on solids, but I was told not to worry about that right now, just count my calories(900-1000) a day, and that when I get my first fill on 3/12, that I will start loosing my weight from the band...don't know if this helps, but its what I've been told....Good Luck....

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