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Never Needing a Fill

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Hi all.

I was wondering - I know you get fills to help with the weight loss. What if you are loosing weight steadily since being banded? Do you still need a fill?

While I haven't lost a huge amount of weight in the last three weeks, I'm very happy with how much I've lost, and think it's a good slow amount.

I think part of me is affraid of the fill. I've read some many people having such a difficult time with getting the right amount per fill, and how it's very unpleasant to not be able to drink things, hold down food, etc.

Thanks for any insite.


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It's pretty much up to you when and if you get a fill. If you're losing and you're happy with it that's that. Some people never need one, but that is not the norm especially if you have a great deal of weight to lose. If you're getting your fill under floro, you're less likely to have any problems. I've had my last two fills blind and it was on the second one of those that I had problems. I knew the risks though and have fairly easy access to getting unfilled. Also, if you're heading back to TJ for your first fill, you may want to consider going since they will also have a look at your band and make sure everything has healed up properly.

Once again, it's up to you and what you're comfortable with. You can always head in at 10 weeks instead of 6-8 if you lose your restriction.

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The problems don't usually arise with the first fill. it's afterwards when you are trying to fine tune things, I think.

I consider my band a safety net that stops me from binge eating. When your net starts getting threadbare, you repair it with a fill. If you are doing fine without a fill, then go without it. If you find you are starting to return to old eating habits, you might want to schedule one then.

If you are going to return to TJ, they can usually get you in the next day after you call for a fill appointment, so there is no real reason to schedule one until you feel you need it.

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Don't be afraid! Your band is your friend! Have you named it yet? I want to address the fear. Fear is being afraid of something that has not happen yet and may not happen! Go on You tube and type in lapband fills....you can watch people going in on video for their first fills....it's exciting!

I know you trust the Lord right?.......Your in good hands! =D>

Be Blessed God is 4 You ><'

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