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Big Ted

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Hi everybody - I was asked to post this by BigTed.

Hello out there. I had the surgery on Feb 18,08. I made a new years resolution to lose weight. On Jan 1 I was starving to death. I had a regular scheald doctor appointment on about the 3rd. I told my doctor I knew I needed to lose weight ( I weighed 340 the most I have ever weighted ) I said you don't see many Fat old people (I'm 62). I have tried several times in my life to lose weight but seems like I may lose 20 or 30 lbs and then 6 mos latter I weight the same plus 10 lbs. My doc told me about lap band. I went home and researched it on the internet and found a seminar a few miles from home on Jan 10th . My wife and I went to that and was convinced that is what I need to do. Now all I needed to do is get the best price they wanted $15,500, sad but we have to pay for all their liability Insurance and all the extras to do business in the USA. I rembered a lady in my home town (Prague OK) who went to Mexico for a weight loss surgery a year or so ago so I called and talked to her she highly recommend Dr Ortiz. I called and talked with Carolyn, she is great we set a price and date after a few conversation. God gave such a peace about it that it was truly great. So many of family and friends were nerves about me going to Tijuana Mexico for surgery. But I had such an amazing peace they could not discouge me.

Sunday Feb 17 we arrived at San Diego airport and was meet by Francisco. He took us to our wonderful hotel. Monday Dr Ortiz's mother picked us up at the hotel and took us the center it was all clean and everything but what expressed me the most was how friendly ever one was they were all loving and wonderful people they were always giving me and my wife love pats and it was a great experice. They run all there test and the good news was I lost 25 lbs on the pre-op diet. The room they put us in before and after surgery was great flat screen TV with DirecTV, a telephone with free calls to anybody in the USA, couch for the wife and real comfortable bed. I don't rember anything about the surgery except a big guy saying "welcome to my OR" After the surgery I had little or no pain. Tuesday morning they took us back to the hotel. My wife and I went shopping that afternoon. Wenesday morning I was in the resuant and saw a lady that had surgery with me. I went over to her and her husbands table we were talking and she said she has been taking her pain pills faithfully, I said they didn't give me any pain pills all they gave were this antacid pills as I showed them to her she said those are your pain pills.

We got home Wed night. Thursday morning after taking my shower I came down stairs and ask my wife "I have five hole in my body from the surgery do you know what hurts the worst?" she said no I said where I bumped my head getting into the van. That is amazing but it was great experice and I would recommend Obesity Control Center to anybody

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