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Hey Mistyband!

I'm excited to hear all about your first fill! =D>

Did it hurt?

What happen the next 24-48 hours?

Good restriction?

How much weigh loss, if any so far from the fill?

Where did you go?

Did you drink the floro?

Anything else you can share....would love to hear the details!

God is with Us! ><'

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No, it didn't hurt at all....No I didn't do the Fluro....My doctor is in Houston, Texas, and so I went to one of his fill centers...he came in prepped my belly put the needle in and gave me 1.2cc...I had to stick around and drink a bottle of water and then wait around town a while and make sure nothing came back up...everything was great :).....I did my liquids and softs now I'm on regular food...the strange thing is I never feel hungry....I have to remind my self to eat...I feel the restriction when I'm eating, one time have I felt some pain, but I was eating a chicken breast and I don't think I chewed enough and it was kinda uncomfortable, but I quit eating and waited an hour and drank some tea and away it went.....I have lost 8 lbs since my fill last Wednesday....but that includes the liquid diet afterwards....but its great nothing to worry about :) Yah for us, for making such an awesome decision! God Bless..... =D>

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