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Oh Paula....Are you nervous?

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So here I am packing (you should see the tiny bag I am taking), writting notes for my mom, getting all my last minute things taken care of, freaking out...getting ready to fly out on Monday.

How is everyone else doing?

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I'll be there Wednesday :blink:

I will be back at the hotel on Wednesday (scheduled for Tuesday)...I am so nervous, excited, hungry and nauteous at the same time....I cant wait for this to be over.

See you Wednesday.


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Alright Ladies....your big day is here! God is with you and trust and believe you are in good hands! =D> Soon and very soon you both will be writing posts raving about your time at OCC. Take your lap tops if you have one......you will want to communicate with your famlies and everybody here!

May the peace of God go before you! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D> =D> =D>

Your Banster sister,


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Heck, no! I am not at all nervous. I have had other laproscopic surgeries, and they are a big nothing except for about 3 days of soreness. I cannot wait! I almost feel like Christmas is coming.

Ask me how I am feeling again after 6 days of clear liquids!

Doing the happy dance! (well, sort of... my knees ARE 53 years old!)


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