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Going 4/8/08. Any Advice for me?

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Hey Claire,

The surgery didn't hurt bad, tummy little sore! The shoulder pain was bad for me it lasted two weeks!! I don't have any good advice for that!! But everyone is different!! I did the pre-op diet, it sucks, but it was really nice losing weight before surgery!! Let me warn you post-op diet is sooooooo hard. Be very prepared!!! Mentally!! I just called my insurance to see someone about my food issues, I was pms-ing and not exercising. Which made it harder for me!!

I don't want to tell you that to be negitive, just to be prepared!!

Best of luck to you!


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Hi Claire,

Everone is different! Never had shoulder pain ...from gas!. Never had a war in my mind during post -op diet! My best advice is to continue to have an open mind! Having a baby is not the same or every woman ....so it is for this surgery! I had a great expeience and really did not have any horror stories! Just be prayerful and trust that God has your best interest at heart....that's matter!

Blessings ><'

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I am going March 26th to have surgery on the 28th. I will let you know how it goes! =D>

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