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It about that time for me :huh: . I am excited to say that thru my research, I found out that having one's first fill is when the real weight loss begins! =D>

Getting a fill can be a interesting time.........too much or too little :-? Having a fill done at OCC, vs. going to the fill centers is my concern. Can anyone tell me how their experience went at OCC. How accurate are they? It is my understanding that if the fill is too much and there are slight discomforts.......who has time to got back to TJ and get an unfilled? It is typical that you don't know that you have a problem with your first fill untill perhaps 48 -72 hours later, after you try and eat after being on liquids for 3 days.

At the fill centers, near one's house.....you have 72 hours to determine if they may have to do an unfill, if there is a problem...and free of charge.

Although at the fills centers the "people are trained to do fills........a doctors office that the Fills center contracts with. :-?

Need feed back on the fills at OCC!

Just trying to make a decision to stay here in Vegas or go to TJ and get a fill. Money wise.....TJ wins, but what happens if my fill is off and I

have to get an unfill?????????

Needs some feed back on this matter!

God bless


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If I had to do it all over again I would do my fills at OCC. I am in Tn so it would be a huge thing to get there as often as I needed to. Remember OCC does it under floro (same as my Dr) and I have never been to tight. The thing with floro is that they can see how much restriction you have so the chances are less for you to be to tight but not impossible. Dr. Ortiz has also told me several times that on average you have less fills at OCC then here in the states. EIther way you decided I would recommend you do it under floro.


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I am gonna use a local Bariatric Surgeon where I live. With two small kids and me being a stay at home mom it was gonna be very difficult for me to travel to Mexico every time I need a fill. I live in MS and the flight is about $300 each time so I don't think it would be worth my time at all. The price for my check-ups and fills is gonna be $1500/year, which sucks, but I will deal with it. :rolleyes:

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I had my fill in TJ with Dr. Acosta and it was a pretty good experience. I flew in from Seattle so had to pay for a flight, and took the trolley to the border and then a taxi to the Lucerna where I spent the night. The flouro was done and Dr Acosta was wonderful and of course, handsome! He was so patient and informative and since I am a big baby and pass out with needles he was extremely patient with me. I have weighed the benefits and drawbacks and decided that I will be getting my fills in TJ at least the next 2-3 times and then I will switch to someone up here. The cost is around the same or a little more if I spend the night in TJ, but I could do it all in one day if need be, but I like to shop and get away from the kids for a night. (about $250 for flight, $100 for flouro and $80 for hotel and $20 for transportation costs). To get the fill here with flouro is $375 plus a tank of gas!


PS I wouldn't have a blind fill as I want to know things are getting through. I only needed .8 cc the first time and I am sure I would have had to have an unfill if it was done without the flouro.

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Having fluoro helps the doctor get the correct fill level, but it is never a sure thing. I had a fill with Dr Romero and was waiting for my husband to get some dental work done at OCC, and decided while I was in the waiting room that I was too tight, so went back in and had .2 cc backed out. I was still a bit too full for the next 3 weeks, so I am very glad I had the unfill as I wouldn't have been able to keep down liquids.

If you are going to have a fill far from home, regardless where, it is good if you can stick around for a day or so to see if the fill level is correct. However, even this isn't a sure thing because some people get some swelling after a fill so it's hard to feel what is going to work. None of it is an exact science, so be prepared to need some adjustment after a fill.

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