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What are you eating?

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I started eating today and have an idea of what I plan on eating...but i just wanted to see what some other bandsters were eating? I want to continue losing weight before my fill so I think i might do a slim fast at least once a day... Today i had a slim fast for breakfast- snack 2 lowfat gogurts, a slim fast for lunch- 2 more LF go gurts then for dinner- 1/2 a sweet pot 1/2 a turkey burger w one piece of whole grain bread and a spinach salad with 1 tbl spoon of EVOO and balsamic vingear.

What are you eating to lose weight?

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Still doing the Optifast here, I was doing the 5 "meals" per day but I just didn't like having to eat so much so now I am doing 4 meals per day (3 shakes and 1 soup per day) and I add 1 scoop of additional protein powder and 2 tsps of Benefiber to each meal.

Each meal has 265 calories and 34 grams of protien for a total of: 1,065 calories per day and 136 grams of protein per day.

For now I am fine on this plan but eventually (I am thinking sometime after my first fill) I will move on to real foods but keep doing a shake for breakfast and one for lunch so I will know I am getting the suggested amount of protein (68 grams) and 580 calories, leaving me 400-500 calories to play with for dinner.

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