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4 Star Priceline Hotel Current Availability

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The hotel I'm talking about is Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, there's a short window of opportunity for those that are opting to stay in SD for their hotel stays during their fills... like us gals going on the 18th of April. Go to priceline.com... choose to bid your own (up to 50% discounted). choose San Diego, then harbor/downtown area, 4 stars, and then choose your date(s) of stay. This usually works best if you only bid for 1 or 2 days span.. (anything more than 2 days tend to be rejected in my experience). my first bid of $98 plus tax was accepted!! I am now staying at the Hyatt for 3 days... April 17, 18, and 19th! There is no guarantee that you'll get the HYATT... but you will be guaranteed a 4 star in the area near the airport. I've stayed at the Omni and Hyatt and Marriott... all great hotels.. this is a great deal ladies if you get it for $98... check their website and hotels.com or expedia.com... you will see that there's a 50% savings or more. Good luck and let me know if we are going to be staying at the same hotel. below is the hyatt website



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