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Anyone going April 8th?

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Hi Claire,

I am also being banded on April 8th.... I am arriving on the 8th to do my pre-op and surgery the same day.

I am getting very nervous.... are you? I only planned this a week ago so it hasn't been a long wait, but I still can't believe its here.

How did you end up doing on your diet? I see from your posts that you were having some trouble. I am actually starving right now, so I completely feel what you are going through.

Well I am sure I will see you there.... are you going by yourself?


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hi lynn,

wow- isn't it scary how you call and get an appointment right away?

I only made my app. like 3 weeks ago.

I am doing REALLY bad on the diet.

No willpower.

What are your stats?

I am bmi 36, 227 lbs and 5'6

see you there,


P.S my husband is going with me

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