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If you've had your surgery, please tell me...

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I have been reading accounts of everyone's surgery and I started to think about mine that is scheduled for April 10th. As stupid and as trivial as this may sound to some, this is a big concern of mine.

I know that Dr. Ortiz sometime comes out and talks to the 'newly banded' following surgery and sometimes they are still not 'coherent' and he instead talks to their husband, boyfriend, mother, friend, etc. I'm a bit worried. My boyfriend is going with me. We've been together a year and I love him dearly but I don't think I want him knowing my weight now or how much fat had to be moved around or any other details that might embarrass me. It's not that he would every say anything about it, it's just that I would prefer something are kept private to me. I mean, he is going with me, and he knows I'm desperate to lose weight (which he lovingly tells me isn't necessary and he loves me the way I am), but it doesn't mean I want him hearing how much I weigh or how much fat is under my skin (not that he can't see by looking at me). I guess I keep picturing the flashing neon sign above the scale flashing my weight when I step up on the scale. To those of you who have been through it... how private is this kept?

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Don't worry at all about that. They don't discuss your weight, goal or any gory details. They just explain what they are going to do and mostly just ask YOU if you have any question....rest assured...it is a great experience! I just got banded yesterday and I am up and walking around town!


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