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Banded 3/17

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Hello all!

For those of you who have already been banded - I hope you all are doing well. For those who have not - ease your weary minds. I am a registered nurse and am almost finished with nurse practitioner's school so when I heard about going to Mexico for surgery I said "They tell you not to drink the water in Mexico and you mean to tell me that people actually go down there to have surgery. You must think I am crazy." Well I wanted the surgery so bad I decided to explore the suggestion. Let me tell you.....I did my research. My husband like to have freaked out when I first told him but after showing him all I had found about having lap band down there - I convinced him this was the thing to do.

Although I had done my research, I was, of course, still a little scared and still had some reservations but that's ok. You would not be normal if you weren't a little scared about having surgery - no matter the location. So, I called Lori, scheduled surgery for the date I wanted, and tried to start my pre-op diet. Not enough will power there so it got down to the last week and I was forced to drink those awful protein shakes. I only lost 6 of the 11 pounds that I was supposed to lose - but no problems there. Most of my excess weight is in my hips and thighs....are there any women out there that can relate to that? My waist is small compared to the rest so I guess that is why we did not have to postpone surgery - thank God.

Anyway - I live in South Georgia - so I flew from Jacksonville, FL to Dallas, TX to San Diego. As promised the driver was there waiting for me with my name on a sign. He helped my husband and me with luggage and we were on our way. Let me start by saying - the part of Tijuana that the OCC and the Lucerna is in is absolutely beautiful. I felt like I was still in CA. Palms lined the streets - people drive like crazy - but it was beautiful. The Lucerna was immaculate. The employees there were so helpful. We settled in and decided to go shopping a bit in case I did not feel like it after the surgery. That night, although I did not lose all the weight I should've, I decided to have a real supper....we ate at the Lucerna, and I had a filet mignon and my husband and I shared a piece of cheesecake. It was delicious.

So we were picked up Monday morning by Ms. Ortiz as expected and we were off to the OCC. It was just as beautiful and clean as the pics on the site. I saw so many doctors that day. First a dentist - you gotta have teeth - because you gotta chew your food. Then a critical care MD - who done an EKG and PFT. Then they started my IV, drew blood, and the recovery MD introduced himself. Then Dr. Miranda - nutritionist, explained post op diet. Then I was taken to my beautiful room. We had flat screen TVs and a rock/water fountain and could call home at no cost. Then Dr. Martinez came in and explained everything to me. Soon after the anesthesiologists came in and talked to me. And lastly Dr. Ortiz came in (had my husband not been there I might have run off with him - LOL). I was the first to have surgery that day and was back in my room before I knew it. Probably 45 minutes after surgery the staff had me up walking. I broke out in a cold sweat while walking - I guess from the anesthesia because there was little pain. After our spouses went back to the hotel later that afternoon I just relaxed and watched TV. After the anesthesia completely wore off I got up and walked on my own. So little pain. I actually done so well I was able to come back to the hotel that night - at my request.

The next day my husband and I went shopping again. Of course, I only had liquids and they went down fine. The only pain I have really had is left shoulder pain. The day we came back we were picked up by the OCC driver and taken to the border. Since the line was so long and it was going to take a couple of hours to get through we went to another border. At this border we got out of the van and walked across the border. Do not freak out about this. It was so simple and fast. All we did was show the border patrols our license and birth cert. and ran our luggage through a screen just like at the airport. Then we got back in the van on the other side of the building. No trouble at all and it only took 30 minutes versus 2 hours.

So I am 2 weeks post op now. I still have some left arm pain after eating/drinking. I found a study that says this is very common in lap band patients. But I would not change a thing in the world. I am so glad I had the surgery. Luckily there is a fill center only an hour from me so I will go there in about 3-4 weeks for my first fill. I will keep you posted on my progress.

PS - After talking my husband into going he still would ask "I can't believe you talked me into thisâ€.....by then end of the trip even he was saying how everything was "TOP NOTCH"!!!!!!!

Do not worry too much!! Everything will be fine! Good luck!

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No I did not - Maybe she will show up on here! I thought about emailing Lori and seeing if she could give out her email or email her for us and give her our emails. How are you doing?

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