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Banded on 3-28-08

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We got on the plane Wednesday about as nervous and excited as four people could be! It was me, Lance, My Aunt, and our friend Christie. Of course goinmg to a foreign country for surgery is an adventure I never dreamed I would be taking in a million years!

We arrived in San Diego and our driver was not there, but he pulled up shortly and off we went. Francisco was so funny! We cracked up the whole ride at him. Going across the border was nothing. We just drove right through with no problem. He took us to the Lucerna where we would stay in Tijuana. The Hotel was lovely and everyone who worked there was overly helpful and friendly to us.

The next morning (Thursday) we arrived at the OCC via Momma Ortiz (what a sweetie) where we were greeted by Claudia, the over-worked receptionist. She was super nice. We met with our nutritionist, Dr. Miranda, had an EKG and a lung function test and also had a dental exam. It is very important you have good teeth because you have to chew your food thoroughly. The clinic was immaculate and again everyone was really nice. After our pre-ops we went shopping on Revolution Ave which was definetly the highlight of our trip! We got bargain after bargain and of couse cut up with all the Mexican men. LOL I even had two marriage proposals! Hahaha That night we had our last meal of pizza and french fries. Lovely, huh? LOL

Friday morning it was time for surgery. Momma Ortiz picked us up and we had her going the whole ride to the clinic. We told her we found her a man on Revolution Ave. She said, "No No" Hahaha I am just gonna recount my part of the surgery from here. I was put in a beautiful private room with a flat screen TV and even a real flowing fountain! My IV was started with no problem. I barely even felt it. Another sweet nurse came in and put hose on me to prevent blood clots. I had 3 Drs come in and talk to me right after I was given something through my IV to make me relax so that is pretty much a blur to me now. I remember going into the OR and the Anesthesioligist telling me to dream of something sweet and I was OUT. I woke back up in my beautiful room and I was just sore and groggy. The head nurse let me sleep for awhile and then she had me up walking me to help with the gas pains. Can I just say again how sweet these nurses are? They actually massage your back, and your hands and pat you like you are their child. Amazing care..just amazing! I slept good that night. The nurses turn all the lights off and let you sleep (they even sleep!!) and give you a pager to call them if you need anything.

Saturday morning we were up walking again and feeling much better. We were given awesome popsicles and chicken broth and then discharged.

Francisco picked us back up and we went back to the Lucerna while we waited to go back to San Diego. We decided to go ahead and cross the border a day early since our flight left at 640am Sunday. We had to get out of the car at the border and walk through customs. I was asked what I was doing in Mexico and what I was brining back to the states. I told him just some jewelry and tshirts. They scanned our luggage and out we went after showing our ID and Birth Certificate. We got back in the van and our driver took us to our hotel in San Diego. We rented a car and shopped in San Diego Saturday. I know that sounds like alot, but we were told to WALK..WALK...WALK.

California was dreamy to me. I have always wanted to visit there, even if for only one day. My experience was excellent and I wouldn't change it for the world. The flight home was rough since I had alot of trapped gas, but I made it and today I feel great. Thanks for reading my novel!!

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