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Still throwing up..

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I tried some cold, diluted apple juice this morning and I threw up (or PBed) for 30 minutes straight.

So I called the Dr. today. He told me to quit drinking cold liquids and only drink them at room temp or warmed up. I feel much better since I am doing this.

I was worried about my band and he said it would be fine.

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Hi Kimmie,

Welcome to band land! I have been following your posts and all and you are so sweet and helpful to others and I wish you great success on your weight loss journey.

Yeah, I remember asking Dr. Miranda on my day of surgery about hearing people say that they can't eat in the mornings because of being too tight. She said(and I live by these words today), to drink warm or hot tea or coffee for a while first thing in the morning before attempting to eat anything, and that should open things up some. Of course, since my second fill, I am lucky to eat ANYTHING too early in the morning. LOL It has gotten better now that I don't try to eat too early and just sip my coffee for a while. ;)

Take care and keep in touch.



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Thanks to all of you for being so caring! I just love this board! ><'

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