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Who has had a "flipped port" when going in for First fill?

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I am still changing my mind every other day on whether I should return to TJ for my first fill or not. My fear is going to someone 1.5hrs from my home and having them tell me my port is flipped or something is not right and then them sending me on my way. I feel like if I am at the OCC and something is found to be awry they will be able to correct it right then/there!

I read other forums and I keep coming across people saying that there port was found to be "flipped" and the time of their first fill and it only took a couple hours to get it fixed. Has anyone experienced this? How do you "flip it back" who does it?? LOL

Has anyone been at the OCC for a fill and something was found to be "not right" and you had to have surgery to fix it? Or one of the Dr's had to be called to fix it... etc?????

I'm sooo confused as to what I should do here... so please help me out. :)



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