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Felling good and getting hungry!

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Uh-Oh! I believe most of my swelling is gone and I am more and more tempted to eat everyday.

I wonder why we can't have mushy foods if we can tolerate them? To teach us self-discipline I am figuring. I hope I can make it until next Friday to eat. That is a long way off. :unsure:

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I am feeling a lot less swollen too. But of course some yogurt fixes it. Your progress can be your motivation you are well on your way to be a skinny lady!! I bet it is a lot of trying to teach us food is not life, that is how I am looking at it. I took food for granted and ate way too much way too often. You can do it, just imagine how strong you will feel to accomplish such a great goal! good luck and stay positive.

God bless


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