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Ovarian Cysts

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Hey fellow banders,

My band date is 05/22/08, but I found out yesterday that I have to have surgery for a large ovarian cyst next week. :(( My GYN says I'll be good to go for my lap-band, but I'm still nervous. And not happy about having to miss so much work. He said he didn't like the look of it and that it wasn't going to go away without surgery. So......

On a happy note, I know cysts can make weight loss difficult, so maybe after the surgery, pounds will start falling off and make my pre-op diet more successful.

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Hi GAGirl,

I'm sure everything will go fine with your surgery. I was tested for PCOS recently because I hadn't had my period in months, but wasn't pregnant. Turns out I have ammenorhea (absence of menstruation) and they just placed me on a low dose birth control to help regulate my menstruation. When I told my OB-GYN that I was getting banded, he said there wouldn't be any problem with me getting banded. I'm sure you'll be just fine! Good luck!

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