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Cassie & Jenn going back to OCC

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Hi Everyone,

Cassie and I will be arriving in TJ April 18th for two more new bandsters !!! We can't wait to see everyone at the OCC !!


(Cassie's Mom)


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you're going to have a great experience, keep everyone posted! Mama Ortiz should pick you up at the hotel the day of your banded, what a really nice lady. And Dr. Ortiz is soooo hot! He's so much cuter in person. Keep us posted! Good Luck

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I caught a glimpse of you guys on Oprah online (we don't get Oprah down here) and I was so proud for Cassie. I read her story over two years ago when I was considering my band--and was so happy that you guys decided to take control of this before she spent 20 years struggling with the weight (like I did). I was 11 when my struggle began and it took 20 years to decide it was time to take control.

Its great that you are continuing to offer encouragement and support to other's in the same situation.

Congratulations and best of luck to you both!


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