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I thought I should post a little notice here since everyone will see it. If you haven't already noticed, I started a new category called Forum Policies & Technical Help.

Since the forum has become much more active over the last month or so (3,000+ visitors a day) I thought it might be wise to start a new section for this kind of thing. If you have any kind of technical question about using the board, uploading avatars and photos, etc you can ask there and I will try to keep a closer eye on it. I will also make "sticky" topics that will stay at the top of the list and be easier to find like I did for Michelle's post (thank you, Michelle) about adding a ticker to your signature.

I also created a sticky for the forum "rules". Please send any suggestions for that to me and I will get things added. Remember, this forum is for all of you and I want to make it a good environment for everyone so all of your opinions on how this forum should operate are very important. I know that in the past we've had some problems with spam/porn/pharmaceutical type of posts, but I think most of that has been eliminated. If you do see anything inappropriate on here just let me know.



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