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Anyone know any fill Dr.'s in Oregon

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closest for you is probably

1. coos bay, oregon


$420 for the first fill wtih fluro and then $300 after that.



Dr. Kelly Fitzpatrick does fills for Mexico patients. She is located in Milwaukee and has an office in Eugene. website www.gastricbands.com and that will tell you that she charges $180 for the first fill and $165 each after. All the info will be on the website. ( non fluro)


there is a fill center usa in salem, or but they do not use fluro and I don't know how much they charge.

hope this helps.


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TammyLu, there is a fill center in Salem, OR. I am sure that is closer than driving to TJ. Not sure if you know anything about them but they were founded by a mother whose son was banded by Dr. Ortiz. When they got back to the states they could not find an aftercare provider so they started Fill Centers USA. Dr. Ortiz is on the advisory board and has written many of the policies and procedures. Their website is www.fillcentersusa.com

They charge $349 for the initial visit and $165 for all subsequent...however this does not include fluoro and I am not sure how much the Oregon center charges - you will have to check with them.

Anyway - hope this helps.

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