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1st fill in Tijuana May 26th. Anyone going to be there then?

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RAMONA ><' ><' ><' I won't be there but wanted to say "hello" and how the heck are you ? I get my first fill on May 12th, also goin back to OCC, so I'll let you know how it goes.


Hi Mindy!! I'm doing good, you? Glad you made the decision to go back to the OC. Wish I could go back sooner than Memorial day but I am bringing my mom and my neice and that was the only time they could come.

Go check out the pictures in the gallery. I posted the one we took of all of us outside the hotel. (Well, if they approved and update the gallery yet that is). Please let me know how your fill goes.

Take care!!


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I am scheduled for a fill on Saturday the 24th... do you think it will be harder to cross over the border and get back since it it Memorial weekend? I imagine that there will be alot more traffic.

I was considering just parking at the border, walking across and catching a cab? Were you going use OCC transportation?


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Yes, I am using OCC transportation. I don't think our Memroail Day affects Mexico so I don't really know about the crowds. If I use OCC then I know I will get over the boder quickly and easier.

I park at the border station and walk across to get a taxi. The cab costs five dollars and then when you are ready to leave you will get approached for a ten dollar ride across, do it its well worth the pay. I don't know what OCC charges, but I am sure its over the twenty dollars you would spend doing it this way.

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