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Just wondering about the chromium picolinate?

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I was wondering if I can continue to take it on the post up diet. I really think it was helping me on pre op diet so I was thinking about continueing to take it to help with weight loss.

anyone else continue?

what do u think?

The only complication I could foresee would be issues with swallowing the pills after being banded, but maybe you can cut them in half?

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I was wondering the same thing. Although I have no idea if they were helping me or not. But since I still have them, I ought to finish them. And for me, I think they will fit. Seems now that I am 4 weeks post op I have no trouble with anything I swallow. Although I wish I did!

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Hi Scared,

I took them for over a year a long while back and never saw any difference; however we are all different.

My best,

Helen ><'

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