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Pics !! Pics !! Sexy Fill Ladies & Hot Bansters

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Hi Everyone,

What a fabulous trip, what fabulous people, what a fabulous time, did I get my point across? This was an experience of a life time, hey it beat Oprah!!! Cassie and Itook two of our family members down to get banded. Britt my niece and Debbie my sister in-law. They were troopers. The trip was topped off with meeting a huge group of Sexy Fill Ladies and Hot New Bandsters. Read Michelle's Blog and truly I think they could hear us all the way back into the states!!! :P

Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

If any of you get a chance can you give Debbie a email, she needs the support her login name is Shauners


Brittany, Cassie, Debbie , Diana


OCC Waiting Room


The Sexy Fillers and Hot Bandsters !! Ooh La La


Watching a Fill


You Girls Are Great !!!

There are still more

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Jenn! You rock, thanks for these pictures. I have to post mine and learn how you guys are able to just post it on like this. I'll figure it out! I hope you had a nice trip. Thank you for being so great with us.. You were so cool at supporting us all. What a lucky young lady Cassie is to have such a wonderful mom like you!!! Hello to Cassie, Brit and Debbie!!! Talking to you both and your family made me/us feel like we'd known you before. ><'



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Cassie & Britt


Dr. Ramero aka Mr. Fill



I wonder whose Sippy Cup this is ?? LOL


Diana (Britts Mom) Brittany & Dr. Ortiz

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Diana, Cassie 9From Oprah) Dr. Martinez

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