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Hi, I also live in Tampa. Dr. Grossbard in Zephyrhills will see Dr. Ortiz's patients. Here is his office number, call and make sure 813-788-5569.

There is also a "floridabandsters" on yahoogroups. They are wonderful and have a great support group. We are meeting this Sun. at the Spaghetti Warehouse 12-3. You would be more than welcome to come. Dr. Grossbard usually attends but he is going to the Candian Bandster Bash this weekend!

Well hope you can make it Sun. at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Ybor.


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Not everyone experiences the gas pains after surgery. I did!

And I'm still gassy , that is one thing that has changed for me. I never was this gassy. As far as going a long time without a fill is totally dependent on the individual. I had my first fill 9 weeks post op. Where as another woman who had surgery with me on the 6th of April had hers earlier then 9 weeks post op. You do not want to rely on that theory. The only thing I was told to avoid forever is carbonation. I do eat everything else however once you start getting your fills some things are harder to eat then others like for me bread, rice and pasta at my current fill level of 2cc's does not work very well for me. I avoid all junk foods also I stick to the rules for the most part.I eat my protein first then veggies then fruits and if I am still hungry then my carbs but rarely am I still hungry after I eat those items first. I do not drink during a meal and I wait 1 hour after a meal to drink. I stay away from the liquid calories like juices lattes etc..I also do not eat the soft foods like yogurt, ice cream, pudding, applesauce they are all high calorie foods that go right through the band and do not satisfy you, just makes you hungry sooner. Scars are minimal..5 incisions 4 of them are the size of my pinky fingernail and the other is my port incision which is about an inch. Hope this helps! Good Luck to you ~

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