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Pounds vs Inches

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A few of the ladies have posted saying that they had only lost a pound or so since being banded but were losing inches. I just wanted to say that although I have lost 13 lbs since my pre-op weight I don't appear to be losing inches at all. I have my regular dress pants on that I wore before I started my pre-op diet and they are still just as tight. In Fact, as I sit here I have the button undone because they are just too tight for comfort. So... what's better? Inches or lbs? I guess eventually they'll start to get it together but for now, pounds lost are not the most important thing.

...Oh but my fingers and toes seem slimmer. :wacko:

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I think either one is just as good. Both can keep us on track and help us realize that we are changing our bodies and being successful. I was told by my trainer to measure once or twice a month to prove that even tho I may have only lost 2 lbs I lost 10 inches, or vice versa. But at 13 lbs you are well on your way to changing your body. Congrats and I bet those pants will be way too loose very very soon!

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