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A Teen Banster asking about Snack help


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Hi Everyone, This Teen asked this question on the Lap Band For Teens , So I thought I would help her out and put it in the General Discussion so she can get more imput. Her Member name is

Its official! Im getting banded on May 9th! I am soo excited but I am really nervous about the after surgery diet and about loosing 10lb before surgery. When i had a phone conference with the Doc i was at 226lb and then easter came and i gained weight. I was supposed to loose 10 from 226 and since i basicly started at 232 idk if i can make it to 216. I have never been good with diets. But I have been drinking slim fast 2 times a day for about two weeks and eating a dinner and my scale shows that im down to where i started; 226. So NOW i have to loose 10lb. I feel like I havnt done ne thing. Like im discurraged and dont feel like the diet is working... even tho the scale shows it has been.

I also wanted to know wat some good snack foods are. Im a big snacker and so i want some kinda HEALTHY snack food. That way i feel like im ok on the diet and not depriving myself of what i want.

And what are some snacks that i can have after surgry? I no i cant eat solids for like 3 weeks so i want to find ok things that i can take with me to snack on while im at school, cause drinking a slim fast in a highschool enviroment is alil hard or imbarassing if you no wat i mean.

Finally, my boyfriend's senior prom is on May 31st and i get banded on May 9th. Prom is barly 4 weeks from surgry. Did any one have problems with eating for the first time after the surgry cause i know we are goin to go out for dinner and i might play it safe with a soup if we do but prom is like the first day i can ACTUALLY eat food so i want to know if ne one has suggestions on food choices. My mom suggested figuring out the resturant before prom and then looking at their menue so that i know what i can eat. does anyone else have suggestions?

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***I wanted to post this here, too, in case you haven't read the General discussion area***

Hi Punkgirl!! I'm getting banded May 9th, too! I'm 22, so I'm sure we'll get along great! I have had difficulty with my pre-op diet as well. I was having issues with having a period (sorry if it's TMI!) and hadn't had 1 in 3 months. My doc put me on birth control pills to regulate and now I'm having the mother of all periods - basically 3 at once. So my weight is up and down and going crazy. I've notified Dr. Miranda and Dr. Ortiz about this, though, so I'm hoping they'll take that into consideration. My mom and I arrive May 9th, so can't wait to meet you! Who are you travelling with?

I haven't had too much trouble with the pre-op diet - if I feel like I NEED to snack on something, I'll usually have a jello or a sugar free popsicle. I've also cut out sodas and that has helped. I started at 240 and she wanted me to at least lose 12 lbs - Monday I was at 236, now I'm at 234. so we're pretty close in weight range. I have a wedding to go to on May 31st and I asked the couple what they were serving and thankfully, there is a soup I can have. Just check the restaurant and see if they have any soups or soft foods.

PLEASE email me if you have any questions or just need encouragment! It is apk726@hotmail.com - that goes for anyone!

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