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Can you feel your band?

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Since my surgery on April 2, I have been able to feel my band slightly down from my incision and a little to the left. It feels like a knot and is pretty close to the service. Is anybody else experiencing this and does anyone think this is cause for concern.


Helen :wacko: ><'

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I was banded 3-25 and I have the same feeling. I feel a knot down and a little to the left of my incision, it's under the skin and not purtruding. I've noticed also that if I'm slouching, I can feel it, it hurts around the edge of my rib cage. I'm bad about that too, i'm trying to make myself sit up straighter. I was having some pain about 10 days ago and emailed Dr. O and he wrote back and said that it was normal [ I explained the lump.] I go to the OCC next month for a fill, I'm going to have it checked out then. I don't think it's anything to worry about, unless you're in alot of pain.

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I want banded!

That was good news. I also have the slouch problem (LOL) but I am so glad you emailed Dr. O and he said it's ok. I keep thinking it's going to pop out of my skin before long - ha ha. I feel so much better now.

Good luck with your fill next month ><' .


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Hey girls,

no need to worry your band is far inside your body the only thing you are feeling is your port... I actually had no idea where mine was until I got my fill last week and that is exactly where mine is, an inch below my largest scar and maybe 1/4 in to the left of it!

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