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Thanks for thinking of me! I have been so busy at work! It's very stressful at the moment. I work for a small software company that is in the advertising industry. Officially, our product is a branded social media platform. Got that? Good. Hehe!

Two websites are launching contests next week and another is about to change phases so there are a million things going on and we're working late nights and weekends. If you're interested, the one that is going on now is http://www.whencloverfieldhit.com/splash/index.html a contest being done by Paramount to promote the DVD release of the movie Cloverfield.

SO...it's been busy and stressful! I've also starting to panic about the surgery. Am I doing the right thing bla bla bla. So I'm on my last nerve and looking forward to a few day away! I've even woke up with a fever blister this morning. :(( A sure sign I'm stressed out.

I'll be there on the 7th though! Stress or no stress!

Take care,


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Glad to hear from you. I was beginning to worry that you had changed your mind or something! Hope things settle down at work for you, that does look like lots of hard work. More my husbands line that mine. He's the techie in the house.


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