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Anybody on May 1st?

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GOOD LUCK MAY 1st BANDSTERS!!!!!! Be be sure to keep us posted!

Hello Diva,

my surgery is also on 5/01. I am very excited and little bit nervous. How about you?

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=D> :lb11: :lb10: :lb13: :lb16: :cheerleader: :girl_dance: :good2: :party:

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Hello again,

Oh my gosh only three days away. Yes, I'm both excited and nervous. I know that I have to do my part but I am really praying that this band will be my saving grace. Binging is my downfall and I hope that the band will curb that urge. Honestly, I haven't done very well with the pre-op and I applaud all of you who have done so well. I'm a little stumped because if I could stick to a diet, especially a liquid one, I wouldn't need the band! Urrrr. My hat's off to you all.

I'm driving in from the Los Angeles area on Wed the 30th for my pre-ops and look forward to meeting all of you and beginning our journey together.

Question: How forthcoming have you all been to others about your surgery? I've only told two people who have been sworn to secrecy - my husband and a banded friend. My reason? I want to have a little success/progress before (or if) I let the cat out of the bag. I've announced so many "new diets/new programs/gonna change my life" plans if my life that I don't want to feel that certain people are watching and waiting to see whether I'll lose weight - this time. And definitely I don't want to hear any comments how I could have lost weight without the band and a little self control. Yeah right.

See you soon!


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