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Started Solid Foods

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Is anyone else having solid foods that get stuck?

Mine does at every meal. I'm worried my band is too small.

This is that 3 week phase known as "Bandster Hell" when you have to eat solids, but it's 3 weeks before you can get your first fill. Dr. Saul told me not to worry - but I'm the only one so far. Everyone else on my banding date has NO restriction whatsoever.

I do take smaller bites and chew chew chew. Maybe it's not enough, maybe I need to chew more. Maybe it's the foods I'm choosing - I just don't know.

If anyone else has had this - please let me know!!!

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For me, (and my first fill is May 6th,) bread, pasta, and most wheat products get stuck. Last night I had broccoli stick..

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