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I think each doctor is different, but there were 5 of us that all got a fill on 4/18 and 3 girls got 1.7cc and 2 girls got 1.6cc so it seems that to be the range of a first fill at the OCC. The fill amount is determined by the speed of the barium flowing through the filled band, I got 1.6cc and saw Hanna get 1.7cc and our barium flowed at about the same speed (mine might have been a little slower even though I had less of a fill).

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i have a 10cc band and got 5ccs put in on my first fill

I also have the VG band and had 3 cc's put in. He tried 3.5 but that was too much so he took out .5cc. My sister got .8 cc's but he started with 1.2cc's. The measure carefully and check via fluoro as to how fast it goes through.

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