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I am very interested in having my surgery by Dr. Ortiz - but me living in Wa. state would not make it cost effective to return to Mexico everytime I need a fill. Does anyone know of a dr. in Wa. state that a person could go to after surgery to get a fill?



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Is a web site to help you locate a surgeon in your area it is through Inamed.( click on surgeon locator at the top of the page) Also aks Dr. Ortiz is he has any associates he can reccomend in Wa for you. Whatever you do..arrange aftercare in your area if you do not plan on going back for fills to TJ.Call the doctors in your area to see if they accept Mexican patients because many do not. But keep in mind..many doctors who take on Mexican patients charge a high fee for fills. Cost wise it may be the same to fly back to TJ for them. Just a thought. I know 2 women who had surgery with me 1 in Indiana ( she flys in for the day then flys home after her fill) and 1 in Pa that fly back and forth..cost is almost the same and the feel very comfortable having their original surgeon for there aftercare. Good Luck to you..Ortiz is great!

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Guest Veronica

I live in Indiana. The doctors in my area charge a very highprice for fills. I have found it much cheaper to purchase a ticket in advance (I use aouthwest) for 176.00 adn pay 100.00 for the fill in Mexico.

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