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Anxious and Scared

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If you choose Mexico all you need to do is arrange aftercare in your area with a doctor who can do fills and in the event of an emergency. Dr. Ortiz has many associates in the states I'm sure he can refer you to one of them but the problem with many US docs is the will not see patients banded in Mexico or if they do they charge an arm and a leg. Where is it that you live? Flying back to TJ can be just the same price as having a doc in your area do your fills. Many women fly back to Mexico to have Dr. Ortiz do their fills. He is the best and very experienced. It is vital though to arrange aftercare in your area if you choose not to go back to TJ before you have your surgery. I have only heard of 2 people who had leaking tubing..and I'm on many boards and read them daily. The band will only make you sick if you eat too much, do not chew your food properly, take too big of bites or eat too fast and this is not an ALWAYS occurance it depends on your fill level. I have only gotten sick 2 times in 6 months and it was because I took too big of a bite and did not chew it well enough and the food got stuck. The hospital is very nice and clean. The nurses all speak perfect english, all of my needs were met without ever asking. The band has changed my life in such a possitive way. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. If you would like lots of helpful info, support and advice here is another fantastic site where everyone is like family...so helpful and supportive and full of knowledge on the band.


Good Luck to you on your decision...Ortiz & Martinez are the best.

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